Ugly pictures, filthy logo and stupid texts

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Bowel Evacuation

Bowel Evacuation, the symbiosis of art & ass. The tasteful demise of early musical education. 
We give the last remnant of your decency a bowel infection and spray pure joy via drum 'n bass power.

You call it noise? We confirm. You call it undemanding? We screw your mothe...! 
The quartet of perfectionism does not sneak up from behind, no. 
They shoot with the bowel gun and the 76 mm excrement cannon out of all pipes and 
check out a few T-shirts for a fiver to your granny. Since 2011 in the subterranean corridors 
of the dirt grind on the road, of course, perfectionism has needed its 3 minutes and a 
few lineup changes to become the final opponent for all gastroenterologists. 
One drum kit, two basses, two mics and nasty sayings provide the immoderate entertainment 
at every bachelor party. Grab your toilet brush and come close, my friend!

Now the intestines will be cleaned out!